vermillion tandoori chicken


These Tandoori Chicken Samosas are homemade just the way Mom taught us. They include halal chicken smothered with tandoori masala and wrapped in homemade pastry.  These are Tandoori spiced with Cilantro for that added taste experience. 

Halal chicken. Tandoori spiced. Cilantro.

Available fresh or frozen by the dozen.

*we reserve the right to amend any items. Based on availability

**there are absolutely no refunds/store credit options for cancelled orders. Any orders placed and not picked up will be forfeited as we cannot reuse the platter in any way once it has been made. If you choose to change your pickup time, it must be confirmed by us either by voice or electronically at least 2 hours before its original pickup time. WE DO NOT DO DELIVERY FOR ORDERS UNDER $250.