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We’re happy to say that we’ve been in business for the last six years. In that time we’ve been providing fresh gourmet samosas for both delivery (via UberEats and DoorDash) and pick up in East Toronto and East York.

The Samosarie covers Danforth and Danforth East with delivery and pickup services. Our clients in Leaside and Leslieville enjoy the fresh or frozen pakoras we have on our menu.

Our customers in the beaches and downtown Toronto love the fresh cilantro sauces we provide for the best samosas in Toronto. Not only is the food we produce delicious, it’s also versatile.

Our food has been used as accessories for everything from birthday parties to baby showers. Our Toronto samosas have even been used to create corporate logos. Everything on our menu comes panfried and ready-to-eat or frozen. We have vegan and non-vegan options that are 100% Halal.

A Delicious Toronto Samosa Treat 

These peanut-free, nut free and allergen free samosas are a delicious treat for people who are health conscious but looking for nutritious food at the same time.

Ashvin Gehani is the heart and soul of The Samosarie. He’s the chef behind the enterprise and learned how to make these delicious treats from the best place possible. Together with his mother, they lovingly made the food for small and large catered occasions.

The Special Something

Right away, Ashvin loved his work but noticed the samosas he was making tasted great but lacked the special something that other themed food like macaroons and cupcakes had.

He wanted to model his Toronto samosas after the way the French handled their macaroons. After a decade-long stint on Bay Street, he made the decision to go to culinary school after work to pursue his passion for culinary arts. Eventually, he was pulled back into his love of cooking and making samosas specifically, and quit his job to make a successful business out of his passion.

The Samosarie Difference 

The result is what Ashvin loves to call The Samosarie Difference.” 

“Our samosas have beautiful colours and flavours,” he says. “They are all dramatically different across the spectrum of beef , chicken and vegetarian choices.”  

His inspirations are diverse. First, he lists his mother as the place where he got his talent and honed his skill. Going to culinary school allowed him to study the work of his culinary heroes like Yotom Ottolenghi.

The Best Samosas in Toronto 

The results are beautifully crafted and deserve to be called the best samosas in Toronto. Our samosas don’t have seven of the eight major allergens and they’re soy and dairy free. What’s more, these are sesame, peanut, egg free and seafood free. The non-vegetarian choices are 100% halal. Best of all, everything on this gourmet samosas menu is crispy and flaky without being greasy.

The Samosarie is home to people in the following Toronto neighbourhoods, where they can easily order online and pickup from our store location: East York, Danforth, Danforth East, Leaside, Leslieville, The Beach, Beaches, Downtown Toronto.