rainbow celebration box


IMPORTANT: Please indicate whether you'd like a VEGETARIAN, NON-VEGETARIAN, OR MIXED rainbow box. If you choose mixed and want to pick your flavours, please send us a note with your order indicating your choices.
Our Rainbow Celebration Box is served hot and is comprised of the following;
  • Thirty (30) of our gourmet samosas and / or empanadas, patties, panzo arranged in UP TO SIX FLAVOURS
  • Your choice of 8oz chutney (Tamarind Date OR Cilantro Lime OR Mango)
  • A copy of our product legend for your convenience
If no note is given, we will decide for you.
Please pick up to SIX of the 16 flavours below and include them in a note;
Pink - Honey Garlic Aloo Gobi OR Jamaican Chicken Cocktail Patty
Red - Vermillion Tandoori Chicken OR Cheddar Pierogi***
Orange - Coral Butter Chicken OR Spicy Bean and Cheese Empanada***
Yellow - Sunrise Masala Dosa OR Jamaican Beef Cocktail Patty
Green - Vegan Green Saag Paneer OR Mole Verde Chicken Empanada
Blue - Island Blue Jerk Chicken OR Spanakopita ***
Purple - Amaranth Beef Curry OR Truffle Mushroom Cheese Panzo ***
Black - Carbon Caribbean Sweet Potato Samosas or 100% Halal Pepperoni Panzo***
Comes in an eco-friendly chic gift box tied with a beautifully branded Samosarie ribbon.

*we reserve the right to amend any items. Based on availability
**there are absolutely no refunds/store credit options for cancelled orders. Any orders placed and not picked up will be forfeited as we cannot reuse the box in any way once it has been made. If you choose to change your pickup time, it must be confirmed by us either by voice or electronically at least 2 hours before its original pickup time. WE DO NOT DO DELIVERY FOR ANY ORDERS UNDER $250.
***contains dairy